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CyPhy Works Launches Drone That Makes Aerial Video Easy and Intuitive

 − at 23:00, 04. May. 2015

This consumer camera drone can shoot stable video without a gimbal

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ROS enabled PhantomX Hexapod

 − at 16:00, 04. May. 2015

phantomx hex w kevino ros

User r3n33 has deployed KevinO’s ROS development onto a PhantomX Hexapod with a Raspberry Pi 2! This is an involved process, and it is awesome to see an already solid ROS package get some well deserved attention. It’s awesome seeing what happens when the robotics community comes together to focus on something spectacular.

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Fabulous Footage of Dueling Supercars in Rome

 − at 19:00, 01. May. 2015

Feast your eyes on this teaser from the upcoming Bond movie

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Video Friday: Strong Microbots, Holographic Robots, and Extreme Drone Flying

 − at 16:18, 01. May. 2015

Today we have two weeks of robots videos for you

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RTEAM’s new Mech Warfare Robots!

 − at 16:00, 01. May. 2015


RTEAM Robotics Club from Tuscon, Arizona has been expanding their army of Mech Warfare combatants! Currently, they are testing out the use of Piezoelectric Speaker Scoring Panels instead of the FSR panels that have become a standard lately. This came about due to the expansion in number of mechs, and a lack of materials for half of them. User giantflaw offered some insight as to the continued use of Piezoelectric Speaker Scoring Panels:

RTEAM piezoelectric target plates are fully compatible with the existing target plate system and I think offer 6 advantages over the FSR plates. 1.) They are much more sensitive than the FSRs 2.) They register target plate hits reliably every time and never resgister any robot vibration or shock to the robot. The target plates are oblivious to walking gait. 3.) They are much cheaper than FSR target plates and easliy made with analog components. 4.) They can be de-tuned to be less sensitive and mimic an FSR low sensitivity target plate. 5.) There are no dead zones in the target panel like there are on FSR target panels. 6.) The target panel can be any shape or size unlike the FSR target panels. 7.) The target panels are tougher than the FSR plates and are not easily damaged.

If you’d like to see what the buzz is all about, hop in on this thread!

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Robots: bStem

 − at 09:00, 01. May. 2015

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Todd Hylton, Senior Vice President at Brain Corporation, about neuromorphic computers. They discuss the robotics development board bStem, which approximates a neuromorphic computer, as well as the eyeRover: a small balancing robot that demonstrates how the bStem can be used in mobile robots.

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Robot Arm Brings Humanity Back to the Stone Age

 − at 19:10, 30. Apr. 2015

To figure out how stone tools were used millions of years ago, archaeologists are turning to robots

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Savioke’s Robot Butler Brings You Room Service

 − at 19:00, 30. Apr. 2015

In a six-month trial run, this robot made over 1,000 deliveries in busy hotel

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Robot Taxis Will Reshape Urban Landscapes

 − at 17:00, 29. Apr. 2015

A study predicts that cities will be dramatically changed when no one drives to work and few people have their own cars

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Fetch Robotics Introduces Fetch and Freight: Your Warehouse Is Now Automated

 − at 13:00, 29. Apr. 2015

This pair of brand new robots is ready to take over in warehouses, autonomously picking and delivering goods

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