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Manufacturing MakerBots for the Mass Market

 − at 22:00, 30. Jul. 2015

How an engineer re-jiggered a 3D printer and its factory to streamline production

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Robots Reveal How Water Striders Jump on Water

 − at 20:50, 30. Jul. 2015

A tiny robot shows how water striders can jump without sinking

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6-Year-Old Child Builds and Flies Lynxmotion VTail Drone

 − at 15:03, 30. Jul. 2015

Drones were flying at the Jason Gymnasium floor in Jefferson City last week for the intergenerational pilot program, created by the Lincoln University Cooperative Extension and the Paula J. Carter Center.

We were very impressed to see that children as young as 6 joined in on the building, learning and flying of the Lynxmotion VTail Drones.


Lynxmotion VTail

“This is an opportunity for intergenerational groups to be involved in robotics in a fun way,” said Research Engineer Greg Pierson.

Two teams built the Lynxmotion drones as adults taught younger children how they work and how to fly them. Flying takes practice and many adults and children were up to challenge and lived a wonderful experience.

“I don’t remember ever having that much fun,” a team member said. “I can’t believe we built that.”

Teaching Lynxmotion VTail

Teaching Lynxmotion VTail

The Lynxmotion Hunter VTail is a high performance quadcopter that uses two angled rear propellers. The frame uses G10 fiberglass composite which is incredibly rigid and lightweight and offers significant price advantages over carbon fiber. The hardware is entirely metal, using lightweight aluminium standoffs, steel screws and lock nuts.

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Photo Teaching Lynxmotion VTail by Julie Smith


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Project Lead The Way & RobotShop Accelerator Program

 − at 16:37, 29. Jul. 2015

“Necessity is the mother of invention” and one of the best ways to come up with a commercial product is to think about modifications you may have had to do to make an existing product suit your needs, or have had to do to make products work together. Brady Flannery, a student at Cazenovia High school, saw that although Project Lead The Way (PLTW) used both Lynxmotion and VEX products, there were no adapters which allowed the two to be easily connected to one another. Working with his teacher Chris Hurd, he came up with several prototypes, and the final product seemed to fit the need perfectly: an adapter plate which allowed you mount a Lynxmotion robotic arm to a VEX metal plate. Given the number of schools which are part of Project Lead The Way and use these two systems, it would make sense that other schools could benefit from this creation.

Rather than going through the arduous tasks of creating a company, manufacturing the product, kitting , shipping and handling finances, he submitted the idea to the RobotShop Accelerator Program. The project was accepted and he is currently one of the youngest inventors whose product was commercialized via the RobotShop Accelerator Program. We look forward to seeing what other products he and other students in Project Lead The Way come up with and encourage them to consider commercialization via the RobotShop Accelerator Program.


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We Should Not Ban ‘Killer Robots,’ and Here’s Why

 − at 04:25, 29. Jul. 2015

What we really need is a way of making autonomous armed robots ethical, because we’re not going to be able to prevent them from existing

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Package Delivery By Drone

 − at 01:36, 29. Jul. 2015

Workhorse Group presents its plan for package delivery by drone at NASA Convention

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Drone Control: Here’s How Amazon Thinks Drones Should Fit Into U.S. Airspace

 − at 00:55, 29. Jul. 2015

Amazon urges FAA to create a drone zone, separating drones within it by speed and capabilities.

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Stanford Students Teach Robots to Play Ping-pong, Land a Drone

 − at 16:00, 28. Jul. 2015

If you had a couple of weeks and a robot to program, what would you do?

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Super Mega Microbot

 − at 17:37, 27. Jul. 2015

Balancing Hexapod

Forum User jpieper has made a 3DOF quadruped robot of his own design, using Dongbu DRS-0101 servos. It starts off slowly, but is surprisingly speedy and exceedingly steady. This robot has since been upgraded with a turret and a gimbal, making it Mech Warfare Ready. Check out the thread for more updates! jpieper has a new chassis in the works, and intends to use an integrated odroid daughterboard in the next version. Very cool!

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PhantomX Hexapod has some Serious Balance

 − at 22:05, 24. Jul. 2015

Balancing Hexapod

User Dan Thilderkvist used a Trossen Robotics PhantomX AX Hexapod in his master thesis, “Motion Control of Hexapod using Model-Based Design”! This hexapod keeps itself level as a table beneath it is tilted, jostled, and generally jarred about. Short video, excellent work!

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