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ROS Korea users meetup, seminar, and tutorial

 − at 22:52, 21. Nov. 2014

From Jihoon via ros-users@


      will be ROS Korea users seminar & meetup in Seoul, Korea on
      December 21, hosted by OROCA, one of largest korean robotics

      The seminar will cover overview for beginners, navigation, moveit,
      UAV, and community briefly by speakers from various groups in

          I hope to hang out with other users after seminar since it is
          first ROS event in Korea. So please drop by in the evening. :)

For more info see(in Korean) :
For English info : Email me(

In addition to the seminar there will be a ROS Tutorial. Here are some details about ROS tutorial.

Link :

Tentative Date : 2014/12/22
Time : 13:00 ~ 18:00
Location : TBD
Expected # of participants : 30~40
Organiser : Yoonseok Pyo(, Jihoon Lee(
Registration : e-mail to
  * ROS environment setup
  * ROS commands, pub/sub/srv
  * How to integrate sensors
  * SLAM and navigation using kobuki
  * How to write turtlebot rapps

Fully in Korean
Free of charge

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Inexpensive, Durable Plastic Hands Let Robots Get a Grip

 − at 21:00, 21. Nov. 2014

This rubber-jointed hand can pick up a telephone and use a drill

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Video Friday: Robots at Sea, Humanoids at RoboCup, and D-RHex on Sand

 − at 16:15, 21. Nov. 2014

“Hey, don't push me, bro.”

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Robotic Taxis Could Slash Fares in Austin, Texas

 − at 15:00, 21. Nov. 2014

A computer model finds that few would wait long or pay much for a ride—though sometimes they'd have to share it

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Tesla's X-Men Robots and Lyft's Pink Pool Noodles Bring a Touch of Whimsy to the Workplace

 − at 20:00, 20. Nov. 2014

But does Tesla’s fleet of superheroes pass the diversity test?

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YES! PR2 Very Close to Completing Laundry Cycle

 − at 17:25, 20. Nov. 2014

PR2 can now pick up dirty clothes, put them in a basket, and load a washing mahcine

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ROS Japan Users Group + Kawada host a successful ROS Meetup #4

 − at 23:04, 19. Nov. 2014

From Daiki Maekawa via ros-users@

Hi Everyone,

We held ROS JAPAN Users Group meetup as NEXTAGE Hackathon in KAWADA Robotics Inc. on November 8 2014.

We developed the function of obstacle avoidance behavior, stereo camera, and sample code for NEXTAGE.

?Demonstration movie

?Please see the photos of this meetup

See the links below for the presentation slides of this meetup.

ROS JAPAN Users Group Meetup 04 from Daiki Maekawa
youtalk_ros_pkg from Yutaka Kondo

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The Unknown Start-up That Built Google’s First Self-Driving Car

 − at 21:00, 19. Nov. 2014

Two of Google’s signature innovations, Street View cameras and self-driving cars, were actually developed by 510 Systems, a small start-up that the tech giant quietly bought in 2011

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Robo-Surgeon Takes on Baldness

 − at 18:00, 19. Nov. 2014

Restoration Robotics' ARTAS system harvests hair follicles for later implantation

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Drone News: FAA Drone Ruling, Bebop Priced, and K-MAX Demo

 − at 16:28, 19. Nov. 2014

Everything that flies is an aircraft, as far as the FAA is concerned

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