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Startups Get the Kinks Out of Drones, Online Shopping, Mobile GPS and Other Techs

 − at 18:04, 26. Nov. 2014

Demo 2014 wasn't about revolutionary technologies; it was about fixing the ones we’ve got

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Black Friday Weekend! Up to 60% Discounts. FREE Hexbug in Every Box.

 − at 17:01, 26. Nov. 2014

Black Friday Weekend Sale

Black Friday Weekend Sale

Up to 60% off selected products.

Plus receive a free Hexbug Nano with every purchase from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

(On Black Friday only for orders placed through our European website)

Free Hexbug

Free Hexbug With Purchase

Some of the products on sale this weekend

Don’t miss your chance to buy the perfect robotic gift for your loved ones. Set your schedules to not miss these sales!

6 In 1 Educational Solar Kit


6 In 1 Educational Solar Kit

50% Off
• Build 6 different models: windmill, revolving plane, airboat, plane, car, and puppy
• Comes with solar module and gear box
• Great toy and education tool for children

Sabertooth Dual 25A 6V-24V Regenerative Motor Driver


Sabertooth Dual 25A 6V-24V Regenerative Motor Driver

15% Off
• Dual motor controller – 25A 6V-24V
• Analog, R/C, simplified serial and packetized serial interfaces (TTL)
• Synchronous regenerative drive
• Ultra-sonic switching frequency (32kHz)
• Thermal and overcurrent protection
• Lithium protection mode

Ubooly Smart Toy (Green)


Ubooly Smart Toy (Green)

20% Off
• Ubooly smart voice interactive pet toy (green) for smartphone
• Tells stories and jokes, play games, cuddles
• Memory foam filling to protect your smart device
• Smartphone brain and cuddly body

HS-422 Servo Motor


HS-422 Servo Motor

15% Off
• Speed (sec/60o): 0.16
• Torque (Kg-cm/Oz-in): 4.1/57
• Size (mm): 41 x 20 x 37
• Weight (g/oz): 45.5/1.6

Lynxmotion AL5D 4 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm (Hardware Only)


Lynxmotion AL5D 4 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm (Hardware Only)

20% Off
• 4 + 1 Degree of freedom robotic arm
• 10.25″ median reach
• Range of motion per axis = 180 degrees
• Rock solid design that will last and last
• Flexible and Expandable

UP! Plus and UP! Mini 3D Printers


UP! Plus 3D Printer

27% Off in USA only
• Excellent system for engineers, educators and hi-tech hobbyists
• Automatic platform leveling and height calibration
• Award Winning 3D Printer
• Ideal for the Prosumer

Gatefeeder RFID Pet Feeder


Gatefeeder RFID Pet Feeder

15% Off
• First patented Smart ID RFID controlled feeding solution for cats
• Ideal for unpredictable schedules, elderly people or those with disabilities
• Non-allergenic dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl
• Feeding on demand without overeating and bloating of cat
• Stores up to a weekend’s supply of food

iCLEBO Arte Vacuum Cleaning Robot


Iclebo Arte Robot Vacuum

Buy this robot and receive a free accessory package including 2 Microfiber Mops, 10 HEPA Filters and 2 Side Brushes (L and R)
• RobotShop 5 Years Warranty
• Camera vision mapping navigation system
• Triple CPUs technology
• Able to climb up to 2cm doorsils or carpet
• 2 in 1, can vacuum and mop at the same time

Winbot 730 Holiday Bundle


Winbot Special Bundle

 • 13% Off + Includes free 2L of cleaning solution, pack of microfiber cloths and extension cord
• Easy to use
• Cleans glass of any thickness
• Can be used to clean frameless windows such glass doors
• Outstanding cleaning efficiency and easy to use

RPLIDAR 360° Laser Scanner


RPLIDAR 360° Laser Scanner

 • 15% Off
• 360° laser scanner development kit with omnidirectional laser scan
• High speed laser triangulation vision system
• Ideal sensor for robot localization & mapping
• User configurable scan rate (rotation speed) via PWM signal

Tokuyi LCD Robot Sweeper


LCD Robot Sweeper

 • 25% Off
• Robot sweeper for smart and automatic cleaning
• LCD display for timing and battery capacity
• Convenient 1 button cleaning
• Super slim: 65mm (height)
• Clean efficiency: 99%

DFRobotShop Rover V2 – Arduino Compatible Tracked Robot (Basic Kit)


DFRobotShop Rover V2 – Arduino Compatible Tracked Robot (Basic Kit)

 • 20% Off
• Versatile, programmable robot tank kit
• Onboard LiPo battery charger
• Complete Arduino board built-in (Arduino Uno)
• Dual H-bridge and onboard voltage regulator (only one battery needed)
• Compatible with a variety of shields
• Two XBee areas (2mm 10pin XBee Socket sold separately) and solder prototyping area
• No soldering required

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NTSB Decision Defining "Aircraft" as Anything That Flies Lacks Common Sense

 − at 16:50, 26. Nov. 2014

FAA regulations found to apply to "any device that is used for flight." Does that include paper airplanes too?

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Teardown and Review of Anki Drive's Robot Cars

 − at 21:00, 25. Nov. 2014

Anki Drive Robot Cars

Back in January 2014 I purchased an Anki Drive "robot car" setup, along with an iPad to control it. I had high hopes. Anki had a great story: originated in CMU's robotics program; raised $50M in VC funding (now more than $105M); and launched at Apple's WWDC conference in 2013. It was touted as "bringing robots out of the lab and into homes, using real AI." I couldn't wait to get my hands on one -- to try it out and to tear it apart to figure out how it works. Read on for details, including an inside look at how the robot localization works.  But spoiler alert... I was disappointed.

read more

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Video: Test Flying Parrot's Bebop Drone

 − at 22:13, 24. Nov. 2014

Support for Virtual Reality Glasses and Panoramic Lens Makes Piloting Easy

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RobotShop Surpasses 2000 Reviews & 5/5 stars on

 − at 22:08, 24. Nov. 2014

RobotShop Reseller Ratings

RobotShop Reseller Ratings

In the world of online shopping, it’s difficult to know which companies can be trusted. With an estimated 100,000+ e-commerce websites in the US alone, and new ones appearing daily, finding a product on a website does not always guarantee that you will get it. As customers ourselves, we have found that provided an unbiased and open approach for customers to rate their experience with suppliers, and so we set out to read all of the feedback provided and respond where warranted, all in the spirit of improving the customer experience. Although one customer may emphasize certain aspects of their shopping experience more than others, customer reviews on span everything from website layout and ease of access to how fast they received their package and their experience with product(s) they purchased. is a leading merchant review platform listing 68,000+ merchant brands and generating consumer reviews with the highest standards of quality and ethics.”  -

We have always encouraged customers to place comments on their orders, in correspondence via our support center, on our forum, and on our blogs. Comments have included suggestions for new products, changes to our procedures or simply to describe an issue they encountered with a product they purchased. Even if RobotShop had every conceivable product available, we would not have gotten very far unless customers liked us and wanted to come back. No store is perfect, and for those who have in any way had a negative experience with us, we take them to heart and have done our very best to ensure the outcome is more than satisfactory.

Reseller Review Lifetime Ratings

Reseller Review Lifetime Ratings

As you may know, at RobotShop, we strive to offer the best and fastest service possible; “Putting robotics at your service TM“. We do this by answering all of our communications within 24 business hours (the majority of which are answered within 3 working hours), keeping customers up to date about their orders and by shipping your purchase as fast as we can (which usually means the same day if the items are in stock). This emphasis on customer service makes many customers happy, as can be seen in the latest comments below:

RobotShop 5 Star Service “Fast, professional, efficient”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Awesome service, fast delivery. Product well packaged. I will buy again and recommend it to all my friends “
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Lowest cost and no delays in shipping via USPS. Thanks!”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Great customer service over the phone, fast, easy ordering, quick processing, followed by same day shipping with a trusted deliverer. “
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Excellent product, totally recommended!! “
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Everything was shipped very quickly and the prices were the lowest on the web! I recommend Robotshop and will buy again, it’s all good!”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Fast shipping. Everything as advertised. Thank You…”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Everything received as expected. No issues.”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “5 year warranty on a roomba 880?! Yes please! No one else I could find has this to offer. I’ll be coming back for all my robot needs. I am looking for a drone to play with…”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Good website. Easy to navigate for browsing.”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Product arrived on time and worked great. I’m very pleased.”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “I bought the Makeblock starter kit and my kids love it. Everything arrived safely and in good time. Shipping was cheaper than ordering from Makeblock’s own website. I have recommended to everyone.”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “I had an impeccable good experience shopping with RobotShop. Easy as lion!”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Excellent service, with very good communication of my order’s status at all times.”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Pretty quick shipping for canpost, worked right out of the box perfectly”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Service is effecient and even faster than predicted. There was a small problem with my order and they personally contacted me right away to resolve and I still received my order a day earlier than the initial estimate. Great service!”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Excellent product and once the payment went through the shipping was very fast. Very impressed with the product! It was easy to put together, the instruction booklet was thorough and our cats used it instantly. We wish we bought one sooner!”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Received the advertised product very quickly and was impressed by their service.”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Both pre-sales and after sales support have been excellent at all times. Highly recommended”
RobotShop 5 Star Service “Roboshop has given me great service with my order; quick to deliver and accurate. All parts worked as expected.
I will shop there again and will recommend it to my friends.”


As with all of our posts, we certainly welcome your feedback and comments below!


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SpaceX Planning to Land Autonomous Reusable Rockets on Drone Ships

 − at 16:37, 24. Nov. 2014

Can SpaceX's Falcon 9 manage to land itself on an autonomous boat?

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Car Camera Network Could Produce Virtual Maps of Pedestrians

 − at 16:00, 24. Nov. 2014

The ability to track the same people between different camera views could aid real-time traffic maps

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RobotShop Names Julie Gendron Vice President – Consumer Robots Division

 − at 15:25, 24. Nov. 2014

It is with joy that we announce the nomination of Julie Gendron as Vice President – Consumer Robots Division.

Julie has a background in instrumentation and robotics and has had a considerable experience in research and development at L-3 Communications MAS before joining RobotShop January 30, 2007 as a technician for the repair of domestic robots. She became one of the first specialists in domestic robot technology learning by herself and following several courses from our manufacturers  in the USA and Europe. Thereafter, Julie was promoted to supervisor and was in charge of everything related to domestic robots; repairs, customer support, monitoring statistics of the repair department, technology watch for new products and the development of a diagnostic software for diagnosing problems.

She became known and appreciated by the community through her informative videos on Robotshop TV. In 2012, she was placed in charge of the department responsible of production of robotic kits following the acquisition and integration of the American leader Lynxmotion, a pioneer in developing educational robots since 1995.

Julie Gendron Vice President - Consumer Robots Division

Julie Gendron Vice President – Consumer Robots Division

Julie has always been involved in the selection of products sold at RobotShop, she herself made several product selections and negotiations. She has participated in the internal strategic decisions for several years and is one of the fervent defendants of RobotShop’s corporate culture.

We are confident that in her new role, Julie will help us grow our supply of consumer robotic products which is already numbered at more than 7000. In addition to her many responsibilities at the head of the Consumer Robots Division, will be added customer experience as a whole. The quality of service is of paramount importance for RobotShop and our primary competitive advantage is our brand and our mission, which is putting robotics at your service. We want to ensure to continue to listen to our customers and Julie has demonstrated in the past 8 years that we can trust her. She knows all the ins and outs of the company, she breathes and sweats our values, she is able to put herself in the customers shoes and is respected by all here at RobotShop.

Congratulations Julie!


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ROS Korea users meetup, seminar, and tutorial

 − at 22:52, 21. Nov. 2014

From Jihoon via ros-users@


      will be ROS Korea users seminar & meetup in Seoul, Korea on
      December 21, hosted by OROCA, one of largest korean robotics

      The seminar will cover overview for beginners, navigation, moveit,
      UAV, and community briefly by speakers from various groups in

          I hope to hang out with other users after seminar since it is
          first ROS event in Korea. So please drop by in the evening. :)

For more info see(in Korean) :
For English info : Email me(

In addition to the seminar there will be a ROS Tutorial. Here are some details about ROS tutorial.

Link :

Tentative Date : 2014/12/22
Time : 13:00 ~ 18:00
Location : TBD
Expected # of participants : 30~40
Organiser : Yoonseok Pyo(, Jihoon Lee(
Registration : e-mail to
  * ROS environment setup
  * ROS commands, pub/sub/srv
  * How to integrate sensors
  * SLAM and navigation using kobuki
  * How to write turtlebot rapps

Fully in Korean
Free of charge

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