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Video Friday: Mini Surgical Robot, Precision Drones, and Bioinspired Robotics at Harvard

 − at 17:55, 28. Aug. 2015

This week's best robot videos are here

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Robots With Smooth Moves Are Up to 40% More Efficient

 − at 17:40, 27. Aug. 2015

Slight tweaks to acceleration and deceleration can make a huge difference to robot energy consumption

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Hitachi Developing Dual-Armed Robot for Warehouse Picking

 − at 23:25, 26. Aug. 2015

This is one of the most confidently brisk picking robots we've ever seen

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Profile: KSI Data Sciences Defies the Coming Drone Data Deluge

 − at 21:00, 25. Aug. 2015

User-friendly interfaces give operators critical context

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Sony's New Drone: a Modern Take on a Familiar Design

 − at 21:00, 25. Aug. 2015

A fixed-wing drone that can lift off vertically has its advantages, but who needs one?

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Video Friday: Giant Fighting Robots, Glass 3D Printer, and 10 New Robots from Fetch

 − at 17:50, 21. Aug. 2015

Watch the week's best robot videos

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Robots: Robots and Communication

 − at 09:00, 21. Aug. 2015

Ron Vanderkley speaks with Dr. Eleanor Sandry about her new book "Robots and Communication."

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Giant Robot Duel

 − at 00:05, 21. Aug. 2015


Trossen Robotics’ own lead engineer, Andrew, has been working with the Megabots team to make America’s MK. II more capable of defeating Japan’s Kuratas in the first large scale robot duel that this planet has experienced in all of recorded history. If you want to see America become the first Mech battling champion of the world, you can back the kickstarter! While you’re waiting for the giant robot battle to happen, check out our gallery of Andrew’s miniature MK. II build!

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Ban or No Ban, Hard Questions Remain on Autonomous Weapons

 − at 22:30, 20. Aug. 2015

Banning autonomous weapons would be much more complicated than advocates have suggested

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Robots Discover How Cooperative Behavior Evolved in Insects

 − at 21:00, 19. Aug. 2015

Leafcutter ants and other insects have evolved specialized cooperative behaviors, and now robots have too

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